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What is the social sentiment on the @domotalk launch? Generally positive. w/@plusonesocial


I pulled a little over 3,500 tweets today on the domo event going on. They have been an interesting company to watch because they have been so quiet about their solution. Domo does an excellent job in their marketing department on getting out the social message and others riding that wave.

Overall, the message is very positive with over 72% of the tweets either neutral and positive.  You can also see the sentiment by day too. 

Social Analytics using @Google DOCS as your business intelligence dashboard @plusonesocial


Sounds crazy right?  Using Google Apps as your digital marketing dashboard for social analytics.  Well, it is totally possible!   How did I do it?  I started with Plus One to harvest the social data I want to analyze.   Plus One allows me to harvest data based on keywords and it stores that data into a Microsoft Access database and then import it to Google Spreadsheets.